How to Log In to the OB Dialer


You have been hired. Congratulations! You are now ready to make calls for your client.

Have you downloaded and installed ZOIPER browser plug in? If not, please refer to this link on how to do so:

OB Dialer Requirements

Once done, you simply follow simple steps below to log in to the OB Dialer.

NOTE : Make sure that client has assigned you to a campaign to be able to log in to the Dialer.

1. Log in to your account here :

1. Go to My Campaigns -> Campaign.

2. Click Actions, then click LOG IN TO DIALER.


If you can’t see this option here are the following reasons.

1. You are not assigned to campaign by client yet, you need to inform him to do it.

2. Your client is not subscribe to OBPhone, and you will be using his provided dialer.

If above are not the reasons contact the support.

*NOTE: ZOIPER is ONLY compatible with Mozilla. It does not work with other browsers such as Chrome, Opera or Internet Explorer.

If it still doesn’t work, contact our live online chat support


contact our admin directly:

Skype: ob-clientservices


Phone: +1 702 605 0041