OB Phone Dialer for Mac Users

  OB Phone

You will need Zoiper web as the dialer software. If you are using Mac as a work station, you should download X-lite or Zoiper Mac from Apple Store or go to any search engine to search for the zoiper or x-lite and dowload or install Zoiper’s web page or use the this link to get into zoiper’s download page for the software. (we recommend using Zoiper)


Contact our chat support to have Outbounders IT team to provide you assistance and the credentials to help you set up. It is important to also provide your IP address to our chat support or IT in contact and then get the three main information:

1. User Name:

2. Password/Screet

3. Server IP address/ Outbound Proxy Address

*Note: To know your IP, just visit the following sites: http://whatismyip.com/ http://iplocation.net/ and get the number displayed as IP address:

Example of how IP addresses and how they should look like: or

If you are unable to install/Configure please submit a ticket in the following links:


or contact our admin directly:

Skype: ob-clientservices

Email: cmsmanagers@outbounders.com; its@outbounders.com

Phone: +1 702 605 0041