Common Dialer Issues and Fixes


You are here because you may have encountered errors while trying to log in on the OB Dialer. Below are the most common Dialer issues and fixes, just refer accordingly.

If you have already downloaded and installed ZOIPER, you can now log in on the OB Dialer. For a detailed instruction on how to log in on the dialer, please check link:

NOTE: Make sure you have IT Department configured zoiper for your campaign before logging in.

Now you are ready to log in and make calls for your client. Once you are logged in, you should hear the voice prompt that says:
“You are currently the only person in this conference.”

If you don’t hear this voice prompt, then there is something wrong. Below could be the following reason.

  1. Your Zoiper is not yet configured properly by IT department to the Campaign.
  2. Your IP Address has not been whitelisted or added to the server
  3. You forgot to answer the call coming from zoiper.

NOTE : If you have checked everything and you still cannot hear the VOICE PROMPT, try checking your INTERNET connection or do some basic troubleshooting such as logging out and logging back in your OB account, clearing your browser’s cache and history, reset modem or restart PC. If all fails, please contact customer support.