How to Make a Live Audio or Video Call


To Make a Live Audio/Video Call on, you should be aware of the floating chat bar that is always at the bottom of your screen after you log into your account

(You must have a working headset with microphone and video cam active)

First step is to click on “Recruit” found at the top of your page to gain access to our list of Agents available to hire

Once on the recruitment page, you’ll be able to view the agents available for hire and chat with them. Use the search field if you want to view particular agents. When you have found your agent and determined they are online, you can start live chat or call by clicking on “Action” and select “Live Chat

A pop out window will appear at the bottom of your screen to show the chat window with the agent where you can start initiating the conversation to arrange for a audio/video call with the agent and ask the availability of the agent. (This doesn’t guarantee an immediate response from the agent)

When you have confirmed availability of the agent, click on the video cam icon or the second to last icon on the window where your chatting with agent as shown on the screenshot below.

A notification will appear. Just click on “OK